About Us

Our firm provides a wide variety of quality accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, debt management, financial planning and tax services for business and individuals alike. Whether you need once a year income tax return preparation or year round accounting and financial guidance, we are here to help. We prepare all sizes of returns, from simple returns to the most complicated of returns with multiple Forms and Schedules for all tax entities. Whatever, combination of Forms or Schedules you are required to file, it is our responsibility to file the returns accurately and timely and to reduce your tax liability as much as legally possible.

As a Certified Public Accounting firm, we are able to offer many value added services, tax planning strategies and innovative techniques that are not available at most other firms. To become a CPA, one must obtain an five year degree from an accredited college, work as an apprentice with another CPA firm for at least one year, and undergo a three day exam that tests the applicants level of knowledge in virtually every area of business and finance. Once an individual becomes a CPA, he/she must take a minimum of 80 hours of continuing education every two years, pass a bi-annual law and ethics exam and comply with multiple governing agencies rules & regulations. This includes, complying with the massive Internal Revenue Code and the IRS rules governing tax preparers responsibilities and practice before the IRS. The average accounting or financial firm, does not have to comply with these rigorous requirements. When you hire a Certified Public Accountant, you have a lot more services at your disposal and do get a lot more for your investment.

Are you tired of being switched from accountant to accountant within your accountants office that you never know whom to contact? Do you want answers to your financial questions today, not two weeks from now? Do you want your phone calls returned promptly by someone who knows the answers to your questions or how to get them? Would you like your CPA to be your all in one financial advisor or if not, to be willing to work with your attorney, stock broker, financial planner or other advisor to determine the goals that are best for you not for everyone else? Are you tired of your accountant charging you for every out of pocket expense including photocopies and phone calls? Do you need evening or weekend appointments. If you want the personal attention you've been missing then you need to look no further.

Our mission is two fold. First, we are here to help each of our clients to pay the least amount of taxes. We take advantage of every tax deduction, credit or legal loophole we can find while reducing the odds of that dreaded IRS audit. Second, we are here to assist our clients in substantially improving their present financial position. We may recommend minor adjustments ( and occasionally major ) to their existing goals and financial habits by viewing their money from a new financial perspective ( usually quite different from the one provided by most financial advisors today ). This will enable them to dramatically increase their personal and business wealth ( Net worth ), to gain a better return on their investments, to substantially reduce or eliminate their debts, to make better use of the money they currently earn, by helping them cut back on wasteful or unnecessary spending and by assisting them in altering their financial priorities, as needed. Our unique approach is both innovative and straight forward. You owe it to yourself to find out more.

The firm of David J. Strickler, CPA PA is managed by David J. Strickler, a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida. The firm and its staff are continually attending tax and accounting seminars, monitoring pending legislation in Congress, reading financial journals and magazines and socializing within the accounting profession. This is done so we can have up to date tax and financial information available to more accurately advise our clients and to bring about revisions in their financial and tax goals, when appropriate, to take advantage of the new tax laws or to minimize the negative consequences of those changes. Isn't that what you want from your financial advisor and tax preparer?

The firm of David J. Strickler, CPA PA currently has two offices to serve you. Its main office, is located in Tierra Verde, FL and its second office is 20 miles north in the City of Pinellas Park, FL. By having multiple locations, the firm is able to provide a larger segment of the population, with the same high quality financial services at an affordable price, that previously were only available to a select few.

With the growth of the internet community, many accounting and tax functions previously done in a geographical area can now be done via long distance channels and through the internet. We are proud that we are part of this emerging market. Those business's that want to succeed in the future must take advantage of all of the resources available to them. This is why you need the CPA firm of David J. Strickler, CPA PA on your team.