Debt & Financial Services

Debt & Financial Services
Our firm believes that regardless of whether you are seeking retirement planning, to restructure your debt, to increase your life or disability insurance, to cut your taxes or to invest, that each of these areas should be reviewed in conjunction with a review of the others. Although attention to any of these areas will most certainly improve your financial situation, you will gain the most success when you implement policies that involve all of these areas. We will act in a similar capacity as that of your family doctor, by overseeing your overall financial growth while working with your banker, lawyer, stock broker, accountant or insurance agent in a team approach. We are an independent third party that will make recommendations based on your overall financial position and not based on the commissions we receive. We do not currently hold investment or insurance licenses, nor do we sell loan packages or offer legal advice. We will work with these specialists to give you guidance and to help you make sound financial decisions, for today and for your future. If you do not currently have a specialist in a specific area, we will provide you a list of qualified professionals whom we have dealt with and believe will give you the level of service you need and deserve.

Financial Planning
Part of good financial planning usually involves recommending insurance or investment products to our clients to meet their needs. It is our belief that this is only part of sound financial advice. ( Please refer to the section entitled Debt & Financial Services for more information ). We generally will prefer to work with your current financial advisors than to recommend that you replace them. Only in the rare cases where you do not have specific advisors or are unhappy with the ones you have, would we attempt to recommend another. Each of these other financial advisors have specialized training, experience and resources that may not be available to any firm or individual. We have chosen to work in the areas that we are best suited for and to allow others to provide the guidance in areas they are best suited for.

From time to time, it may be apparent that the advice given by any of your financial advisors may differ from the advice given by one of the others, such as our firm. If this should ever occur, we will do our best to explain the pros and cons of each position and help you determine the best course of action for you. Remember, since we do not receive commissions or other renumeration for specific recommendations other than our normal billing fees, you are assured that we will give you an objective, unclouded opinion. The final decision is yours to make after you have weighed all the evidence provided. Isn't this what your goal was in the first place.

Debt Elimination
For those of you who believe that reducing your debt and your debt payments is a major priority in your financial goals, than we have an innovative plan that will help you to eliminate all of your debts including your mortgage, in the shortest amount of time ( usually 3-10 years ) on your present income while providing a healthy nest egg for your future. We have had many testimonials of the success of the system but one client in particular had the following projected results. This client had 29 years to go on their 30 mortgage. They had an average amount of other debts including credit cards and a car loan. My placing them on this system it was projected that they could save $ 168,079 in interest and have all of their debts paid off in 9 years and 9 months on their present income. That is 19 years and 3 months sooner than had they continued to pay on their mortgage for the next 29 years. In addition, if they were to take the 19 years and 3 months that they will now have no debt payments, assuming no additional debt is obtained, investing this money at a 10% return, they would be able to accumulate $ 1,604,778 during the same time frame. Is it ever a wonder that people make so much money but have nothing to show for it? Very few people ever achieve true financial independence. With careful planning and analysis of your retirement planning, debts, investments, etc... we can maximize your net worth while achieving your financial goals.

Investment Review
We can help to review your investment portfolio and look for ways to improve it. If you have an investment advisor or broker, we most certainly will work with them. Together with them, or alone, if you do not currently have an investment advisor, we will help you to determine if you are taking advantage of tax deferred or tax free investments. We will examine your tax situation and your debt and tailor a plan that incorporates these in with your investing and retirement planning. How old are you? Are you married or single? Do you have any dependents? Any of these or hundreds of other questions, if addressed could have an impact on your overall strategy. Since we are not a licensed insurance agent or broker, we can point you in the right direction and give you advice but we will need to work with your broker and insurance agent to select the specific products right for you.

The giving of financial advice is based on assumptions and facts alike. Altering any or all these items could have a devastating impact on your overall financial strategy if not properly considered. As a result, we believe it is hard to provide too much information but it is relatively easy to omit pertinent advice because you do not understand all the consequences of your actions. This is why working with a professional is always recommended. Since any of these facts and circumstances can change from time to time, it is strongly recommended that review your goals at least once a year.