Computer Consulting

Accounting Software Selection
Whether your seeking to convert from a manual accounting system to a computerized system or whether you are looking for an over the counter business software product such as Quickbooks, we are here to help. We are a Quickbooks pro advisor. These software products are inexpensive to purchase and easy to learn and use. Why pay thousands for a customized software program? Most small-medium size businesses weigh the cost benefit of these programs and most end up using one of the over the counter software packages. These programs will handle all of your accounting, payroll, payable and receivable issues. These programs are great for small business owners who would like to input most of the data themselves or for the larger firms who have adequate accounting staff to perform most of the functions on your behalf. At the end of the month or the year, all you have to do is forward your reports or a backup copy of your company data to your accountant and they can now do their magic with minimal additional work. We can install the software, set up the company accounts and data, train the personnel and monitor your progress. We are also available for in house and for phone, technical support. You'll get the hands on help you need by a local firm.