Our Services

Our firm has the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge to offer the following services to both individuals and businesses. We can deliver the services you need in a professional, fast, and cost-efficient manner. 

Accounting Services
Our firm offers a wide range of accounting services, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation's and payroll services. We also prepare custom financial reports for internal, managerial use only.

Many small to medium size firms ( especially closely held and those not publicly traded ) do not need a complete set of financial statements including footnotes, a statement of cash flow or a statement of retained earnings, etc... For these business's, we recommend assembled or compiled financial statements. These statements provide the bear bone information, which includes only a profit & loss statement and a balance sheet with no form of assurance. These statements can be prepared on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or any other basis desired. You do not have to pay for monthly statements when you do not need monthly statements.

For those on a smaller budget, we can help train your accounting personnel to prepare a profit & loss and balance sheet in house and we can periodically review their output, making recommendations, adjustments and other changes, as the situation warrants.

Buying & Selling a Business
Since buying and selling a business involves many legal, accounting and tax issues, it is highly recommended that both the buyer and the seller, each employ his/her own CPA and legal counsel. In any business sale, the selling price must be allocated between the various categories of assets involved and must be reported to the IRS by both the buyer and the seller. For example, the selling price needs to be allocated between fixed assets, inventory, goodwill, cash & cash equivalents and supplies. These items should be allocated prior to closing because what is a good allocation for the seller is not necessarily a good allocation for the buyer. Many taxpayers have been burned when filing their taxes because they did not truly understand the implications of a proper allocation. In addition, these amounts should never be arbitrarily determined.

A buyer, should obtain a lot of financial and tax information from the buyer before rendering a contract to purchase the business. This may include copies of tax returns, payroll returns, W-2's, sales tax returns, bank statements, depreciation schedules and financial statements. A trained CPA may be able to spot discrepancies and inconsistencies within the data, which even the business savy person may overlook. In the excitement of purchasing a new business, it is often easy to overlook areas that should be addressed. For the seller we can help determine a selling price and find discrepancies before the buyer does.

Sales Tax Services
Many states and municipalities have a sales or use tax. We can review your internal prepared returns or we can file them on your behalf. We may be able to change your frequency of filing from monthly to quarterly or semiannually. We would like to point out one additional point.Many business entities or individuals are leasing personal assets ( such as a rental property or office space ) to others. Many of these transactions require the collection of sales tax in the State of Florida and you may be inadvertently breaking the law. We will advice you as to your requirements and file any necessary returns. We may be able to abate the penalties that may be assessed for failure to file these returns in a timely manner.

Accounting Software Selection
Whether your seeking to convert from a manual accounting system to a computerized system or whether you are looking for an over the counter business software product ( i.e.. Quickbooks, Peachtree, One-Write Plus ) we are here to help. These software products are inexpensive to purchase and easy to learn and use. Why pay thousands for a customized software program? Most small-medium size businesses weigh the cost benefit of these programs and most end up using one of the over the counter software packages. These programs will handle all of your accounting, payroll, payable and receivable issues. These programs are great for small business owners who would like to input most of the data themselves or for the larger firms who have adequate accounting staff to perform most of the functions on your behalf. At the end of the month or the year, all you have to do is forward your reports or a backup copy of your company data to your accountant and they can now do their magic with minimal additional work. We can install the software, set up the company accounts and data, train the personnel and monitor your progress. We are also available for in house and for phone, technical support. You'll get the hands on help you need by a local firm.

Accounting & Tax Aspects of Starting a Business
Thinking of starting a new business or have you recently started one? Starting a new business is exciting but there are also many pitfalls as well. We can help advise you of the things you should be doing and the things you should not be doing to avoid potential problems with the IRS, the Florida Department of Revenue or other taxing agencies that may apply to your situation. What accounting records are required? Do you have employees or independent contractors? Do you need a Federal identification number, a sales tax number and what are your licensing requirements? Should you incorporate or not? What are legitimate deductions and what are questionable items? We can help you answer these questions and many more.

Tax Planning
Most taxpayers have contact with their tax preparers once a year when they file their taxes. In addition, most of these people wait until the very last minute to assemble the financial records necessary to prepare their taxes. For the do it your selfers, you dread filing your taxes and most wait until the last minute to get tax records organized. Both of these groups are missing potential opportunities to cut their tax liabilities. Oftentimes, these people, scramble to meet the tax deadlines and miss deductions or credits for which they might be entitled. For all taxpayers and business owners who truly want to pay the least amount of taxes to Uncle Sam, two things should be undertaken. First, each taxpayer should have a systematic record keeping routine to keep their records organized to ease the income tax preparation and to reduce the chance of losing or misplacing receipts. Second, most taxpayers should get with their tax preparer, at least once a year to estimate and monitor opportunities to reduce your tax liability. If your tax preparer is not available year round to do this or if it does not offer this service, than you need to switch preparers. We recommend as a minimum, that you undertake this planning in October or November of each year. In any case, we want to help you pay Uncle Sam the least amount of taxes while staying compliant with all the tax laws that affect you.

Computer Consulting
Our firm will help you to maintain and safeguard your computer equipment and accounting records, or we can help you choose an accounting software to handle your accounting, payroll. payables and receivables and related financial functions and the related training of personnel or technical support on the chosen software.


Our firm provides a full charge bookkeeping service including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, payroll, and accounts receivable/payable.Whether you need regularly prepared financial statements, need assistance in any of the aforementioned areas or need someone to monitor or review your internal accounting staff, we can assist you.

Tax Preparation
Almost anyone can prepare his/her own taxes, but do you get the maximum refund or pay the least amount of tax? What potential surprises or audit risks are you subjecting yourself to? Who is going to give you advice for next year? What deductions did you miss? What deductions did you take that you shouldn't have? What may we be able to do that you don't know about? Will your accountant be in business tomorrow? What will it cost you in the future? What about the peace of mind of knowing the returns were prepared accurately in the first place and that we stand behind our work?

Our firm provides professional preparation of federal, state and local tax returns at competitive, affordable rates. We will review your return with you and explain to you what we did. We will compare this years return with last year and look from trends, inconsistencies and errors and we will give you advise on what to do in the new year. We offer electronic filing and direct deposit to ensure accuracy and quick refunds.

Amended Income Tax Returns
We can amend or revise any federal, state or municipality business or personal income tax return. Amended returns occur whenever there are errors, omissions or missed deductions in previously filed returns. Since there is a statute of limitations for filing amended returns, your accountant should be notified whenever you discover an error or whenever you receive a tax notice or inquiry. We customarily review prior years returns prepared by other accountants to determine if any discrepancies exist that may generate an additional refund on your behalf. If for some reason it is determined that you owe additional money, filing an amended return can reduce or eliminate potential interest and penalties that could result if the authorities catch the error before you do. We can amend any return, even those we did not originally prepare.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
Have you ever asked the question, where does all my money go? If you have, your not alone. Many successful and profitable business owners have also asked this question at one time or another. In this uncertain day and age, with increased competition, a questionable economy and increased costs of doing business, more and more business owners are seeking the advise of CPA's and others, to help improve the bottom line. Two useful tools in providing this guidance involves the use of budgeting and cash flow analysis. We can also provide a detailed comparison of income and expense items from period to period. We may be able to spot unusual items such as cost overruns, under billing on accounts, overcharging by vendors or lost discounts. Based on our experience and background, we may be able to spot things you or your employees may not be able to. Many people do not understand all the areas that a CPA may be able to help.

Consulting Services
Our firm offers a wide range of consulting services to help you improve your business, boost efficiencies and increase your profits or reduce your losses. These services may include safeguarding your computer systems or implementing financial software, cash flow analysis, budgeting, ratio analysis, review your system of internal controls, debt management, tax planning, management advisory services and a wide variety of other services.

Financial Statements
Most small-medium size business's ( especially closely held and non publicly traded companies) it usually is not necessary for you need Reviewed or Audited Financial Statements. In these cases we will produce Assembled or Compiled Financial Statements for a fraction of the cost of the of the audited or reviewed statements. These Assembled and Compiled Financial Statements generally include only a Profit and Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet of the enterprise. They omit footnotes and most of the related financial statements ( i.e. Statement of Cash Flows and Statement of Retained Earnings ) that if included would provide more detailed financial information about the company and we provide no form of assurance on them. We will provide these statements on a monthly, quarterly or any other frequency as desired. These statements are usually provided for internal and management use with limited external use.

Due to the extreme liability and legal issues involved with Reviewed and Audited Financial Statements, our firm does not directly issue these statements. We have made arrangements with a reliable, local CPA firm that we have been associated with in the past, to prepare these statements on behalf of any of our clients that may need or want these financial statements. Reviews would be the next level above Compilations and Audits would provide the best level of assurance as to the accuracy of the financial statements.

Tax Services
We offer a full range of tax planning and tax preparation for business and individual entities alike. No return is too hard or too complex. We prepare the simplest to extremely complicated returns. We can prepare your IRS return and you can prepare your state return or you can prepare the IRS return and we can prepare your state return. If you insist on preparing your own return let us review it before you file it. We can review previously filed returns, even those filed by others and those filed by yourself, and if errors are spotted we may be able to file an amended return and get you a refund. If we find errors that will increase your tax liability, we can provide advice on what you should do. We also can help you determine if you are required to file returns for other states or jurisdictions that you may not be aware of and help non resident aliens to determine their US filing requirements.

Choosing the Right Business Entity
Before you start a business or purchase an existing business, you must choose the correct tax entity based on your individual situation. Should you become a sole proprietor, a C Corporation, an S Corporation, a partnership, an LLC or any of the many hybrids of the above? Many lawyers will incorporate you no matter what or will choose the entity type they are most familiar with. Unfortunately most lawyers are not tax lawyers and are unfamiliar with the many tax implications of the various entities. If you need to incorporate, we will advise as such. If you don't need to incorporate, we will tell you that as well. What entity you choose today will affect you for years to come. Although you may be able to change your business entity down the road, it is often more costly and time consuming than choosing the right entity in the beginning. If you have already chosen your tax entity but have not consulted a CPA or other tax professional, please consult one, as soon as possible. It is imperative that you obtain competent advice in the early stages to avoid major complications down the road.

Debt & Financial Services
Our firm believes that regardless of whether you are seeking retirement planning, to restructure your debt, to increase your life or disability insurance, to cut your taxes or to invest, that each of these areas should be reviewed in conjunction with a review of the others. Although attention to any of these areas will most certainly improve your financial situation, you will gain the most success when you implement policies that involve all of these areas. We will act in a similar capacity as that of your family doctor, by overseeing your overall financial growth while working with your banker, lawyer, stock broker, accountant or insurance agent in a team approach. We are an independent third party that will make recommendations based on your overall financial position and not based on the commissions we receive. We do not currently hold investment or insurance licenses, nor do we sell loan packages or offer legal advice. We will work with these specialists to give you guidance and to help you make sound financial decisions, for today and for your future. If you do not currently have a specialist in a specific area, we will provide you a list of qualified professionals whom we have dealt with and believe will give you the level of service you need and deserve.

Reviews and Compilations
See section under Financial Statements.

IRS and State/Local Representation
As a point of introduction, generally only CPA's, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and other tax bodies. Although, you can find hundreds of individuals and firms, that may be able to prepare your tax returns, if you receive a tax notice in the mail or are selected for an audit or have another reason to contact one of the various tax authorities, will the person or firm that prepared your return be able to represent you? Are they available year round to answer your questions and provide assistance? In many cases, the answer may be no. If this were to happen, would you know what to do? Even if you do know how to respond, are you sure you are using all your options in the best way possible or could you make matters worse? If your smart enough to get professional help at this point, who do you choose? How will you determine the firm to represent you? The best thing for you to do,is to hire a qualified professional ( such as a CPA ) to be available, no matter what may happen in the future. No one likes to be audited, but no one can predict if or when you ever get audited or have any other tax issue in the future. Be prepared today, for whatever may happen in the future. In addition, since CPA's are required to take 80 hours of continuing education every two years, we are assured to have in our arsenal of up to date tax knowledge to be used on your behalf.

Financial Planning
Part of good financial planning usually involves recommending insurance or investment products to our clients to meet their needs. It is our belief that this is only part of sound financial advice. ( Please refer to the section entitled Debt & Financial Services for more information ). We generally will prefer to work with your current financial advisors than to recommend that you replace them. Only in the rare cases where you do not have specific advisors or are unhappy with the ones you have, would we attempt to recommend another. Each of these other financial advisors have specialized training, experience and resources that may not be available to any firm or individual. We have chosen to work in the areas that we are best suited for and to allow others to provide the guidance in areas they are best suited for.

From time to time, it may be apparent that the advice given by any of your financial advisors may differ from the advice given by one of the others, such as our firm. If this should ever occur, we will do our best to explain the pros and cons of each position and help you determine the best course of action for you. Remember, since we do not receive commissions or other renumeration for specific recommendations other than our normal billing fees, you are assured that we will give you an objective, unclouded opinion. The final decision is yours to make after you have weighed all the evidence provided. Isn't this what your goal was in the first pla

Debt Elimination
For those of you who believe that reducing your debt and your debt payments is a major priority in your financial goals, than we have an innovative plan that will help you to eliminate all of your debts including your mortgage, in the shortest amount of time ( usually 3-10 years ) on your present income while providing a healthy nest egg for your future. We have had many testimonials of the success of the system but one client in particular had the following projected results. This client had 29 years to go on their 30 mortgage. They had an average amount of other debts including credit cards and a car loan. My placing them on this system it was projected that they could save $ 168,079 in interest and have all of their debts paid off in 9 years and 9 months on their present income. That is 19 years and 3 months sooner than had they continued to pay on their mortgage for the next 29 years. In addition, if they were to take the 19 years and 3 months that they will now have no debt payments, assuming no additional debt is obtained, investing this money at a 10% return, they would be able to accumulate $ 1,604,778 during the same time frame. Is it ever a wonder that people make so much money but have nothing to show for it? Very few people ever achieve true financial independence. With careful planning and analysis of your retirement planning, debts, investments, etc... we can maximize your net worth while achieving your financial goals.

Keeping Current with the New Tax Laws
The Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 was the largest single tax cut since the 1980's under then President Reagan. The $ 1.35 trillion dollar tax cut will affect every taxpayer in one way or another. Although the tax act includes across the board tax rate reductions, an increase in the child tax credit for parents with children under the age of 17, relief from the marriage penalty,increase in the annual allowable contributions to all retirement accounts including IRA's, 401 k's, Simple, and Self Employed pension plans including an accelerated catch up contributions for those 50 and over and an elimination of the phase out of itemized deductions and personal exemptions and over 1000 over tax changes, this massive tax cut will be phased in over the next 10 years. In addition, Congress left open the door to change these new laws again in the future, should it become politically correct or necessary to do so. As a result, in order to keep up with these changes, we must consider the tax effect on each future year until the year 2010. Instead of simplifying the tax code, more and more taxpayers will need to seek professional guidance to estimate your taxes and to actually prepare them. Congress is currently working on a massive 2003 tax bill, which will no doubt make preparing taxes in 2003 more complicated. Seeking a tax professional, is now more than ever a wise thing to do.

Payroll Services
Our firm offers complete payroll preparation and tax reporting services. We prepare all federal and state returns relating to your payroll on a timely basis. If you prepare your own payroll in house, we can perform after the fact payroll services including filing of payroll returns, W-2's and 1099's. We can advice you on the latest withholding rates or we can prepare your employees paychecks on your behalf, each payday. We can assist you in determining whether leased employees may be of benefit to you and whether you can get a better workers compensation rate elsewhere. Do you know the IRS definition of employee vs. independent contractor? Do you know ways to legally hire your wife or kids to save on your taxes? Are you doing anything that may get you in hot water? Are you filing all the forms you should be filing? These are just some of the areas where we may be able to make your life easier.

Investment Review
We can help to review your investment portfolio and look for ways to improve it. If you have an investment advisor or broker, we most certainly will work with them. Together with them, or alone, if you do not currently have an investment advisor, we will help you to determine if you are taking advantage of tax deferred or tax free investments. We will examine your tax situation and your debt and tailor a plan that incorporates these in with your investing and retirement planning. How old are you? Are you married or single? Do you have any dependents? Any of these or hundreds of other questions, if addressed could have an impact on your overall strategy. Since we are not a licensed insurance agent or broker, we can point you in the right direction and give you advice but we will need to work with your broker and insurance agent to select the specific products right for you.

The giving of financial advice is based on assumptions and facts alike. Altering any or all these items could have a devastating impact on your overall financial strategy if not properly considered. As a result, we believe it is hard to provide too much information but it is relatively easy to omit pertinent advice because you do not understand all the consequences of your actions. This is why working with a professional is always recommended. Since any of these facts and circumstances can change from time to time, it is strongly recommended that review your goals at least once a year.

Retirement Planning
You are never too young to start planning for retirement. One would be shocked to know how much wealth could be accumulated by starting early in life. Putting a little money aside early in life, will substantially surpass the growth of a lot of money, later in life. The time value of money has been called by Albert Einstein as one of the greatest, if not the greatest wonder in the world. Some of the more common reasons for not planning for retirement include the following. I can't afford to save. I am young. I have plenty of time. Social Security will be there for me. Financial experts have indicated that the average person today will need between one and two million dollars to retire at their current life style. Although this sounds out of line, when you consider the projected annual inflation rate of 3-4% per year ( and it likely will go up in the future), the increased life expectancies of most individuals, and the likelihood of up and down investment returns, this amount is realistic. Most people have not started to save for retirement and for those that have, its only a few thousands. Even those who have pension plans at work, most will not accumulate any where near the first million but probably more like several hundred thousand. Only 4% of the population will ever reach this number based on past statistics. Why do you think so many people are still working past the normal retirement age?

Services Available
Below, please find a partial list of the many quality business and personal services we offer to our clients and our prospective clients. If there is an accounting or financial service that you need that is not specifically listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. Because we offer a wide variety of valuable services, only a select few could be highlighted.

A review of our many services along with the personal attention we try to give each of our clients at an affordable price,will hopefully convince you to give us a call.

State & Local Municipality Tax Return Preparation
In addition to preparing the various Federal income tax returns, we also prepare the necessary state and local municipality tax returns that may be required for individuals and business's alike. There are approximately 39 US states that have a individual state income tax and many more have some sort of corporate income tax requirements. If you have income in more than one state you may have to file a return in more than one state. If you moved to/ from a particular state during the year, you may be required to file a part year income tax return for one or more states. If you have a corporation in the State of Florida or have a corporation that does business in the State of Florida, you may be required to file a state corporate income tax return. In Florida, you may have to file a corporate or partnership Intangible Personal Property tax return or a county Tangible Personal Property tax return if you have physical assets used in your business, whether or not owned by the business or any owner of the business. As an example, if you had an Alabama S Corporation doing business in Florida, you would have to file a Corporate Income Tax Return for both Florida and Alabama and as an S Corporation shareholder, you may have to file a both an IRS Form 1040 and an Alabama Form 40. It is never too late to check on your filing requirements.